Care Instructions

Most of our garments are labelled 'Hand wash at 30C' or show the hand wash symbol. Most items (except the most delicate fabrics, such as loosely woven cottons and linens) should be fine if washed on the hand wash or delicate cycle of modern washing machines, as long as the temperature recommendation on the label is not exceeded.

Here are some common sense tips for extending the life of your garments:

  • Always use the lowest washing temperature you can, for the shortest time necessary (this is better for the environment too)
  • Separate strong colours, particularly for the first few washes
  • Line dry your garments whenever possible
  • Iron on the reverse, especially when garments have prints, embellishments or are a dark colour
  • Woollen garments hate to be spun and rubbed - always wash by hand or in a dedicated wool cycle to prevent felting.