The Shop Up with Babyccino Kids and smallish magazine December 01 2014, 0 Comments

If you are in London this Wednesday or Thursday, 3rd and 4th of December 2014, then please come and visit us at the Babyccino Kids Shop Up event at Chelsea Old Town Hall on the King's Road.

If you have browsed the site but didn't want to buy because you weren't sure about the sizing, or quality, or buying online, then come and see just how nice we are in the flesh.

If you need original Christmas gifts for friends and family we can help! Plus there are over 40 other fantastic children's shop and brands from the Babyccino website to tickle your fancy. See you there!

Mad about Mod September 15 2014, 0 Comments


Images from

The 1960s was a decade that produced many iconic fashion images, so it is no surprise that designers frequently revisit the era for inspiration. This autumn is no exception, and many designers featured '60s-style shift dresses like these gorgeous examples from the Valentino, Saint Laurent and Gucci AW14 collections.

Rabbit in the Moon doesn't really believe in children dressing like mini-adults, but Mod style can really work for girls. Jersey mini shifts are warm, comfy and easy to run around in, plus they work best with tights and flat shoes. 1960's details like op-art prints, daisy appliqués and shiny fabrics might be too much for adults to wear to the office, but they look fantastic in smaller doses on small people.


So, since we love this look, here's a sneak preview of some easy ways to get it (due in our new delivery next week). Our salmon pink tunic dress from Sweven would look perfect on any runway, but is totally practical too. And who could fail to have fun in these Daisy Brogues from our new brand Allo Cotton? Plus there are more tunic dresses from ae-hem, and of course our shiny golden mini skirt has a great '60s vibe too...

Café Culture - Seoul Style August 05 2014, 0 Comments

Image by Ken Lum Lee from Seoul State of Mind.

In my first blog post I promised to let you know when I discover anything new or interesting about Korea. Well, my first really important discovery comes courtesy of Ken Lum Lee's striking blog Seoul State of Mind.

Of course there are friendly coffee shops with tasty coffee in London, but have you been anywhere that could compete visually with these cafés in Seoul? The images above include a delicious-looking meringue espresso at the Takeout Drawing Café, an iced coffee with a candy floss topping at the Banana Tree Café, the live sheep (yes, that's right live sheep - possibly considered a food hygiene issue in the UK) that greet customers at the Thanks Nature Café and, my favourite, the porcelain toilet mugs from the Poo Café.

The problem with researching Korea on the internet is that websites are not only written in Korean script, but are often completely untranslatable even with a translation tool. Seoul State of Mind is written in English and offers a really accessible insight into life and style in South Korea. There are beautiful photographs, not just of food and the cafes mentioned above, but also the landscape, architecture and many other sights Seoul has to offer. If you really want to see more of Seoul (from it's best angles) then check it out.

IS boho back? July 23 2014, 0 Comments

My heart sank last week when I read this headline on the Daily Telegraph website. I have never been to Glastonbury (too muddy, too few toilets) and I never had an urge to look like Sienna Miller circa 2001. But it turns out that they weren't advocating a total time warp, just a return to some of the best features of the boho trend, for example, long hemlines, romantic prints and soft, floaty fabrics. Keep the look Summer 2014 by choosing simple accessories and making sure hair is brushed, not mussed! Ready to introduce the next generation? Here's what Rabbit in the Moon suggest:




1. Our very own Bien a Bien maxi-dress is the perfect dress for this trend. It has a long hem line and floaty silhouette, plus pockets for casual posing and a lovely print as well. What could be nicer for girls 1-6 who like this look? 2. Classic RayBan Clubmaster sunglasses come in a junior size. This style suits everyone, it never dates and, of course, it offers UV protection which is even more essential for children's delicate eyes. 3. Maybe you won't actually be buying this Coach Legacy Penny bag for your daughter (although there is a mini version), but it is a great compact size for times when you have a buggy or nappy bag to carry the heavy stuff and since it's got a cross-body strap your hands are free to hold on to your toddler. 4. Fashion editors have decreed that Birkenstocks are IN this season. There is no denying that they are comfy and durable though, and this sleek black pair for girls and boys are actually rather chic too.

So, maybe girls can do boho in 2014 after all. PS. If you can't resist taking it a little bit further (or if you actually are going to a festival this summer) why not add our fabric feather headband? It will make a change from a flower garland and it works for dressing up as well.

Let's get to know each other July 09 2014, 0 Comments

What do you know about South Korea? Not much? That's fine, me too. I can count the things I know about it on the fingers of one hand (militaristic northern neighbour, national dishes - kim chee, bulgogi, bim bim bap, Gangnam Style and a few other cliché get the picture).

However, I do know one important thing about South Korea that you might not. They have super-stylish children's clothing. My daughters and I are lucky enough to have Korean friends to introduce us to some of the amazing independent brands, designed and made in Korea, that the kids of Seoul get to wear everyday.

I think it's time that kids in London and around Europe got the opportunity to see some of these brands too; they have their own unique aesthetics, from kitschy-cute to chic and sophisticated, and they are made from high-quality fabrics with thoughtful detailing. That's why I created Rabbit in the Moon. The website is focused on a few of my favourite brands producing clothing for children aged from one to eight. The plan is to introduce clothing for babies as soon as I can source equally wonderful items. All the items shown as in stock on the website are in the UK, ready to ship immediately.

As far as this blog goes, it's a great tool for me to keep you updated about everything that's going on at Rabbit in the Moon and maybe a few of the fun/wonderful/crazy things that I might come across during the day in London. Plus, every time I discover something new and interesting about South Korea during my research, I promise to let you know!